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What is Licensing

Licensing is the expression that indicates the sale/disposal (licensing out) or the purchase (licensing in) of an Intellectual Property (or trademark) right.

This activity of buying and selling trademarks is regulated through a contract between the owner of the rights (licensing agent, often represented by a licensing agency) and the contractor (i.e. the licensee) who undertakes to apply the trademark and its graphic elements on products and initiatives, according to the indications agreed between the parties.

The Licensing industry has expanded in a big way in recent decades, both domestically and abroad, and provides extraordinary growth opportunities for licensors and licensees.

For the licensor, licensing is a marketing lever for brands, increasing awareness and exposure to a target audience. From the licensee's perspective, licensing is an opportunity to increase the volume of business and distribution of products in one or more territories.

Bologna Licensing Trade Fair is the only event in Italy that allows this type of demand and supply to meet with a wide variety of brands available for the Italian market and beyond.


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